PerfectShare | Secure Business Data Sharing
Branding is an important issue. With PerfectShare our focus is on the public branding, and your business rules.

Your Business. Your Settings.

Settings to match business rules. PerfectShare offers multiple features and settings to make integration with your business rules an easy and fast action.

Your brand's face is everywhere. Your brand is important to us. When a new customer or clients logs into PerfectShare, we want them to see you, your logo and your name - not ours.

Your you. PerfectShare gives you the ability to do business without our branding interferring with your own. Your account is your brand.

PerfectShare lets you brand your account so that customers and clients (as well as employees) see all you

Customized Looks For You

Add your company logo. When sharing your files, your brand should be the focus, not ours. Start turning heads with a sophisticated web presence with your name written all over it.

Add a custom welcome message. Welcome your visitors with your own company greeting on the Overview page. This is the first page that people see after logging in. Use for a mission statement or even announcements. Write anything you want. It's all about you!

Privately branded login page. Put your name on the front door. Simply upload your logo and it will appear on the log in page AND throughout your PerfectShare site!

See How PerfectShare Allows Your Brand to Shine