The cost of doing proper business is always on the rise. Productivity, business processes and security are all areas where costs can see increases; sometimes daily. But can “going green” (paperless and digital), be the cost-savings that you are looking for? And, need?

It is never a good idea to find yourself lacking the forward movement that organizations need to survive. Regardless of the nature of your business or your industry, productivity increases are a demand that cannot be avoided. And, for all business, your bottom line can find some safe comfort by turning to a “green” set of solutions and processes.

Let’s look at it this way…

If you can run your business using more digital products, you in turn will use less paper, ink and have less office machines (printers, copiers, etc), to maintain and cycle. By turning to fully integrated digital solutions (SaaS or otherwise), you can also have your processes start and complete faster as physical delivery systems are removed from the whole matter.

In the end, your organization spends a little, to start saving a lot. These savings are in both the long-term and short-term, and can effectively scale if embraced.

What should businesses know before going “green”?

For most businesses and organizations looking to convert to green solutions, you can start with two simple areas: business supplies and energy overhead / waste. These two areas are not exclusively onto themselves, but they are not much of the dancing pair either.

What many businesses don’t realize is that a majority of sound corporate environmental, or “green”, policies have the added benefit of helping businesses actually reduce the cost of productivity. In other words, the physical costs are reduced, and the amount of work done is increased; both resulting in higher revenue.

You can ask yourself these questions about your own organization to determine the possible productivity, revenue and efficiency increases:

  • Are we wasting as much as is produced?
  • Are bottlenecks in our business processes removed by a digital product or service?
  • What time-frame will our current business processes be obsolete?

Reducing energy use via IT solutions in your brand

One of the most significant ways that any business can reduce costs in, and go green at the same time, is to implement strategies that reduce IT energy use. Subsequently, these strategies reduce your energy costs!

And really, that is the best of both worlds. You see energy use reduction for the environment, and energy cost savings for the business.

How much can you see?

Even a basic energy-saving strategy can reduce typical energy use by as much as 25%. Even greater savings are possible with more intense strategies.

With the multiple advantages of implementing a green data center, why aren’t many companies turning to this?

The answer is simple…

The main problem is that many companies don’t understand how to implement a strategy that is appropriate for their business. As well, they might not make the connection between going green, cost reduction and information technology.

Two of the major factors that are keeping many businesses from taking the plunge are:

  1. they haven’t received any real information regarding the cost-benefit relationship involved in the process
  2. that many are reluctant due to the assumption that reduced IT costs equal reduced reliability

Some realities about green IT and PerfectShare

The reality is that green data does not require a reduction in the quality of the equipment or services a company already accesses, nor does it require a huge up-front expenditure. Many businesses are addressing their IT needs efficiently while realizing significant cost reductions.

And, PerfectShare can help you achieve these goals for your business, too.

PerfectShare offers services that help you reduce your reliance on expensive and inefficient data technology. PerfectShare’s file sharing, email, publishing and storage services eliminate the need for your business to maintain its own data servers and technology. We can significantly reduce your energy consumption and maintenance costs while maintaining the most reliable level of performance.

And, even better than the benefits to you, PerfectShare provides the same benefits for those who fuel your business – your customers.

One of the main reasons that businesses maintain expensive and energy-consuming data centers is to provide their own customers with reliable access to the services they provide.

PerfectShare has plans which can provide your company with access to the most up-to-date technology without your business having to bear the costs of maintenance and upkeep. Thousands of other businesses are enjoying the cost savings and efficiency of using a central provider who specializes in this one, specific, function.

You will too!

Need more help from PerfectShare with “going green”?

Need more help with green policies and efficiency?

Then call today at 810.355.4443 to speak with us about your specific needs and concerns. We can walk you through the processes that have helped brands like GM, Ford, T-Mobile and Webasto find an affordable, green and efficient method of file sharing and data collaboration.

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