“It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true.” – Mark Twain

Isn’t that true…

Assumption of security, is insecure. That sounds simple, right?

How often, though, are we still thinking of security? Weekly? Monthly? Once, and then you’re done???

At PerfectShare, we think about business and data security every single day. Not only is our application focused on securing your business data and file sharing, but also to help your secure business processes become even more so.

Today we put together a great infographic to give you a red light on some of the most common, but also the greatest IT security concerns and threats facing your business today. And, if you find it valuable, give us a share!

5 Greatest IT Security Concerns Facing Businesses Today

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1 – Data Breaches

People are looking to collect mission critical, private and even completely irrelevant data from you.

That “hunt” needs some safety via passwords primarily. Password issues cause multiple intrusions. People use the same passwords for every login, or they are so cavalier with password strength that “password123” seems like a great solution for speed.

Beyond passwords, you can help strengthen your business security by enforcing HTTPS connections (data transit). Also, use secure storage facilities for data, files and parts of your process like databases and web servers.

2 – Social Networks

Remember when you would receive a few dozen emails a day with “screensavers” and links in them? Or a prince needing your help moving million; of which you could have half?

These kinds of threats have now moved to social media. Posts fill your newsfeed that are hidden advertisements, phishing attacks and more. In fact items like identity theft and spam attacks occur in social networks as well.

What are the most common that you should be spotting to prevent your employees (and yourself) from being infected?

  • Human error
  • Duplicated login credentials
  • Social scams
  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware attacks

3 – Mobile Devices (BYOD)

Allowing for mobile device usage (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD) and connecting to the business’s network and system makes sense. After all, we are growing as a civilization in the way we connect, work and play.

There are benefits of using a BYOD policy including improved productivity, lower costs to the company and higher mobility in work. However, there are some risks including possible breaches of data, having to support multiple types of devices and not having full control of data on those devices.

The smartest method of securing devices in the modern workplace is by using a BYOD Policy. Look at password protection, device registration, data limits and even using only company-owned devices on the network.

4 – Careless / Disgruntled Employees

Accidents can and do happen. However, there is a difference between a user being fully aware of issues while performing great maintenance on their accounts, and another just not caring until something bad happens.

Likewise, there are employees (current and former) who just want to destroy, or blackmail, or hurt the company.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Intel, 43% of internal actors were responsible for data breaches. Of those, half were because of carelessness or accident.

5 – Unpatched / Unpatchable Devices

To stay current on new attacks, viruses and security rules, you MUST update your devices and software.

It is that simple…

However, some businesses fall short on this threat. In fact, according to NET Market Share, 9%+ of computers are still using Windows XP as of January 2017. Think about the layers of security not being used. Think about the amount of possible threats just waiting to find this terminals. And what is worse, think about how many companies have private and potentially critical data on them, waiting for a hacker to come and grab it all…

Click above to try out our custom data sharing security solution. PerfectShare hits those simple, and not-so-simple security issues that you worry about, and replaces them with a little more comfort. Is your data safe? Want it to be?

5 Greatest IT Security Concerns Facing Businesses Today [INFOGRAPHIC]
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5 Greatest IT Security Concerns Facing Businesses Today [INFOGRAPHIC]
IT security concerns in business today. What are the 5 greatest IT security threats that your business might face? Free infographic
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